LED CNC Machine Lamp 12 Watt Water & Coolant Proof 24Vdc ML-12LED-I Greatselec

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LED CNC Machine Lamp Water & Coolant Proof

Watt : 12 Watt  24Vdc

Model No.ML-12LED-I

Make :Greatselec

Make In India

1 Yers Warranty 

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It sounds like you're describing an LED light that is designed to be used on a CNC machine. The light is specified as being water and coolant proof, with a power consumption of 12 watts and a voltage requirement of 24VDC. The lamp length is 332 mm. Additionally, it is likely you wanted to make the text as a SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly by including technical information. It is designed to keep the machine lighted while in operation and also make it easy to see the workpiece while machining in case of low light condition.

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