22.5Mm Push Button Rubber Cover

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22.5 Mm Push Button Rubbar Boot Covers,Push Button Cap for Use with XB4 Series, XB5 Series,TRANSPARUNT BOOT FOR 2AF, 2BT7, TRANSPARUNT BOOT FOR 2ALRF, 2ALBT7
  • Push Button Weather Proof Boot Covers
  • Dust and water proofing boot covers
  • Suits red and green start & stop buttons
  • Protection Level:IP67Push Button Switch Cover Cap PBC Applies To 22.5mm Mount The protection cover is mainly installed on the switch control button to prevent accidental touchThe inner diameter of the hole of the push button switch cover is 22mm, which is convenient for installationExcellent workmanship and reasonable structure, which can effectively lock the button switchCommonly used in industrial, chemical, electric power, petroleum, coal mine flammable and explosive places




    Professional range of Schneider Electric accessories from the ZB4 series of pushbutton switches. Accessories include protection guards, transparent boots, moulded guards and flush kits.

    22mm Push Button Switch Cap Waterproof pushbutton Protection silicon protective guard cover,

    Button Switch Waterproof Cap / Closure Dust Waterproof Rubber Cover 22mm

    Waterproof Push Button Switch cover, Push Button Switch IP67 Pushbutton Switch with Waterproof Cover

    waterproof dust cover cap 22mm push button switch protector cover safety seal cover

Protective silicone button, silicone cover, 22mm, push button, waterproof cap

  • Type: Silicon Rubber
  • Application: Push Button Protection Cover
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size:22.5mm
  • Material: Rubber

    Size: 30mmX17MM

    Color: Clear

  • Mostly used with 22mm Push Buttons
  • Provide extra protection against dust and rain
  • Fits on all Standard Flush type 22.5mm Push Buttons

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