MM3030-2 Expandable PLC with fast IO Expansion 24VDC SELEC

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SELEC MM3030-2 Expandable PLC with fast IO Expansion


Product: MM3030-2  24VDC
  • 96X96 size, Rail/Panel Mount PLC, LCD Text Display with 16*4 Characters with Yellow Green Display with 15 Keys.
  • 10 Digital Inputs and 8 Transistor Outputs
  • Fast Input upto 12KHz /Fast Output upto 50KHz
  • 2 Analog Inputs (0-10V /0-20mA)
  • 3 channel Fast Inputs upto 12kHz
  • Inbuilt RTC, Expansion through Modbus or Properitory protocol
  • Product has MODBUS RS485 Serial Ports for Downloading and Communication

Display Types4 x 16 Characters LCD (With Backlight) + 15 Keys (12 User Configurable)
Size96 x 96mm
Digital Inputs10 (PNP Type) Including 3 Fast Inputs Channels
Analog Input2 Channels (0-10V / 0-20mA)
Digital Outputs8 Transistor Outputs, Including 2 Fast Output Channels
Output RatingFast Outputs: Sink type 50mA @24VDC, Normal Outputs: Source type 100mA @24VDC
Analog OutputsNA
RTC With Time Switch FunctionYes
Code Memory351KB
Communication InterfaceRS485 / RS232 Based MODBUS RTU Protocol, Proprietary Protocol
Supply Voltage18 to 24 VDC
Mounting TypePanel/DIN Rail
FI / Maximum Counting FrequencyFC0 (I0 & I1) ? 12KHz, FC1 (I2 & I3) & FC2 (I4 & I5) ? 7.5KHz Normal input ? 30Hz

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