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MCON SLI-182/9 = PG-9-2Pole + Earth Cap solenoid valve socket 230vac

Special Price Rs. 54.00

  Quantity Price /Unit

1 - 10000

Rs. 54.00

SLI-182/9 = PG-9-2Pole + Earth 230VAC LIGHTED STANDARD SOCKET- PG-9 (28mm)
(with light indicator Colour Transparent) Make mcon

Contact  Distance 18 mm Insulation Class AS PER VDE 0110-1/89
Nominal Voltage   Contact Mat. Phosphor bronze
AC Max.250V   Silver Plated
DC Max.300V Square Barrel Brass, Silver Plated
Nominal Current 10A H.V.Breakdown Test 2KV AC for 1 min.
Operation Current 16A Gasket Material (Opt.) Operating Temp.
Contact Resistance Max.20 m Ohms Nitrile/TPE -40oC + 90oC
MAX.Conduc.Cross-Sect 1.5mm2 Silicon -40oC + 125oC
Body Material  Nylon (GF) Product Weight 22.00 gm
Cable  (OD) PG9 4.5 - 7mm Packing  25 Nos. with fixing Screw & Gsk.
Cable (OD) PG11  6 - 10mm Carton Packing Domestic 500 Nos (25x20 packets)
Protection Class IP 65 EN60529 Carton Packing Export  1000 Nos (25x40 packets)



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